Next for iPhone, iPad & Mac

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Track your expenses and finances

Next for iPhone is perfect for on the go. It’s fast and easy to add new expenses. On the iPad it makes use of the big screen to let you browse (and add/edit) your expenses in a zoomable info-graphic.
Finally the brand new Mac version comes in a calendar-style interface and brings many useful shortcuts. All platforms are synced through iCloud.

  • iCloud sync

    Sync your expenses over iCloud to all your devices.

  • Perfect for each platform

    Next is a suite of apps for Mac, iPhone and iPad to beautifully track your expenses. Each app was carefully built for its platform.

  • Export/Backup

    Excel and Numbers export of your finances. Send a backup of your data via email, iMessage or even AirDrop.

  • Fast and easy

    Select a category, enter and confirm your amount and you're already done!

  • Elegant and intuitive

    No complicated menus or navigations. Perfectly adapted to your iPhone and iPad.

  • Overview of your expenses

    A beautiful list of all your expenses grouped by day. Swipe to delete or tap to edit.

  • Gorgeous statistics

    Get a quick overview over your actual expenses and by tapping a row you'll see the history of the selected category.

  • Perfect for on the go

    The innovative user interface never gets in your way.

  • So many possibilities

    How much did you spend at the local coffee shop? Are you spending too much eating out? How much did you spend on clothes last month?