Kolibri Help

What's the structure of a Kolibri Document?

A Kolibri document can have multiple views. Each view can contain multiple shapes or references to another view.

How do I add shapes?

Press the Plus (+) Button on top right. Or if you have a keyboard attached you can use shortcuts like R (Rectangle) to quickly add new shapes. CMD+Enter displays the add-menu too.

How do Shapes work?

Each shape has a set of properties.

You can add multiple fills and multiple borders. Each fill/border can have a color or gradient and a shadow/inner shadow and a blend mode.

Useful Keyboard Shortcuts

See them all here

CMD+Enter to show the "add shape" menu

When searching for a shape in this menu: If only one result, press Enter to directly add If multiple results, press CMD+1...6 to add

Same shortcuts for Animations

Tipps and Tricks

Double tap on the zoom button to go to 100% zoom

Double tap on a path shape to edit it (instead of pressing the button on top)

Why is the trim animation sometimes disabled?

Trim can only be applied to shapes of the type 'Path'. So the trim animation can also only applied to Path shapes.

Can I contact you if I have other questions?

Sure. Go to the contact page.